Strike Gold with Metallic Accents

Just as jewelry adds the finishing touch to your outfit, metallic finishes can complete the look of your interior design. Gold, silver, brass, and copper add another dimension of glamor and depth to any room and are still among the hottest trends of the year.

Gold, in particular, is a popular choice for Fall decorating – it reflects light beautifully and brings a warm glow that carries into the winter holidays. Bright and polished or soft and matte, gold comes in an array of finishes, so you’ll be able to discover the right tone to go with your existing decor. It’s a great complement to many other colors: gold and black is a striking combination, gold and purple are regal, gold and ivory is classically elegant. If you really want to “go for the gold” with your color scheme, keep the rest of the room neutral so your gold pieces will stand out. Metallic wallpaper, paint, bedding or light fixtures are great ways to add interest and drama to a room. Accessorizing with gold and metallic finishes doesn’t necessarily mean small items. Dynamic by nature, gold makes a stunning impact on a console table or dresser.

The reflective quality of metallic finishes makes them a good accent to combine with glass. The metallic/glass combo is popular in casual dining – a shimmering pedestal under a glass tabletop makes an eye-catching focal point and opens up a room spatially. A gold-framed mirror makes the most of the extra shine, brightening a room instantly. For a glitzier statement, mirrored furniture is still enjoying a resurgence. The silvery trim of a mirrored coffee table or dresser is emphasized by all those highly-reflective surfaces. Lamps and lighting fixtures with glass elements also take good advantage of the play of light.

Metallics also bring a textural element to your decor. Combining wood furniture – particularly unpolished wood – with metallic patinas makes a visually stimulating contrast you don’t get with other materials. A brass bed frame captures a homey country-style warmth with a shine that improves with age. For a lower-sheen dimension of texture, hammered or brushed finishes will add interest and coordinate with a range of styles. If your rooms are sleek and contemporary, glossy chrome accents will enhance the high-contrast shine.

If glitz and sparkle isn’t your style, warm metals may hold more appeal for you. Current trends favor muted brass and bronze with darker patinas. They bring a sheen to their surroundings but in a more understated tone. Cozy and elegant, they can be right at home in modern or traditional style interiors. Warmer metallics combine more harmoniously with other metal finishes, so feel free to mix and match.

Even small touches like nail-head trim or drawer pulls add a bit of metallic influence. Curtains or decorative cushions made of a shimmery fabric are an easy decor enhancement. An accent wall covered in textured or patterned golden wallpaper provides visual interest, particularly when catching light from the windows.

This season is the perfect time for bringing out metallic inspiration throughout your interior. It’s a festive and sophisticated finishing touch for your overall design.