Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Does this fit my family’s lifestyle (pets included)?

Rethink a chenille sofa if you have a cat with claws. Exuberant, snack-eating football fans don’t mix well with dupioni silk.

How long do I want to live with this?

If you like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, you may want a change before an item is worn out. Consider how long you want to keep something before you make a sizable investment and plan to update your interior periodically.

Will it fit through the door?

This often overlooked issue leads to a lot of frustration and many returns.

How will I take care of it?

Accidents happen sometimes. Who could predict that your infant son would choose to teethe on the cushion of your leather sofa and chew a hole in it? Buying a protection plan, like Protection 1st, will give you peace of mind and the resources to fix problems when they occur.

Have I done my research and am I getting the best value?

Keep in mind that value doesn’t mean cheap. Value means that you are getting the best quality relative to the amount you are paying. To get a good value you need to examine the sturdiness and expected lifespan of an item in addition to its appearance.