Five Decorating Myths

You can have only one metallic tone in a room.

A look at the faucet display at your local home improvement center will demonstrate that silver and gold tones can be mixed. You can even combine different brushed nickel with shiny gold.

You can’t mix floral fabrics and plaids.

Many fabric companies now offer coordinates of florals and plaids in the same color pallet and designed to be used together.

You should pick one style and stick with it.

Today’s interior styles reflect an eclectic mix of influences. Not only can you switch up your style from room to room, but within a room as well. Whether you prefer a casual or a more formal approach to furnishing your home, the contrast of different styles enlivens the space.

Furnishings should be placed symmetrically.

Just as your furnishings don’t have to match, the left side of the room doesn’t have to match the right. An asymmetrical arrangement can
create interest and emphasize a focal point. An asymmetrical arrangement lends a room a more casual air.

Books belong on bookshelves.

Books are a great way to add color and interest to a room. The idea of a coffee table book deserves some updating. Stacks of books can be used to elevate a lamp or a plant in a table top arrangement. If you are feeling adventurous, you can stack several oversized books to the side of a chair to serve as an end table. When you use a bookcase, not every book has to be standing on end; try laying some flat and place decorative accessories on top.