Create A Romantic Bedroom You Both Can Live With

The master bedroom is often one of the most neglected rooms in the house, usually because the woman of the house tends to focus on the common spaces for her family and guests first. But at the end of the day, busy parents need a place to wind down, reconnect and recharge – and for some couples, it’s the only alone-time that they share during the day.

That’s why it’s important to create a bedroom that is both relaxing and romantic for both of you. The idea is to have your bedroom reflect who you are as a couple and make you both feel at home. Doing so is all about paying attention to your senses and treating that room as a refuge from the stresses of the day. Here are a few tips to help you create a romantic room that he can live with, too:

1. Create the mood with color

One of the most dramatic and inexpensive ways to enhance the mood of the bedroom is to use paint to add color. Don’t be afraid of it! The paint choice is a matter of color preference – you might want to choose relaxing colors, such as softer hues of blue or green, or you may want something bold and sassy, like reds and oranges. Just avoid overuse one particular color in the room. Darker wall colors can make a room seem smaller, while lighter colors tend to open up the space.

A safe bet is to put a color that is a bit softer on the walls and then introduce the more vibrant, complementary colors in the bed linens, pillows, curtains, and decorating accessories and wall art.

2. Make the bed the focal point of the room

The most important piece of bedroom furniture is the bed, so don’t tuck it away in a corner. Position it in a location that allows it to be the focal point of the room, and incorporate other pieces around it. Depending on the size of your room, you can consider adding one small table for each side of the bed, a chair for another corner of the room, a dresser or armoire, and a bench or square ottomans to use as additional seating/storage.

Layer the bed with soft bedding and coordinating pillows. Bedroom linens don’t have to cost a fortune, and don’t just go by thread count. Compare the way different brands feel and go with the one that is the most comfortable and inviting to the touch.

For added romance, hang a canopy above the bed or drape a long curtain on the wall behind the headboard to attract greater focus to the bed.

3. Clean up the clutter – Seriously

A messy room is not a romantic room. There is nothing appealing or relaxing about retiring to the bedroom with your spouse, only to shuffle through dirty (or clean) clothes and climb into bed with three cats. Don’t allow this room to become a dumping ground for items that belong elsewhere. Make full use of storage options such as closets, bedside stands and decorative baskets to contain and hide the clutter.

The following things should not be welcome in your bedroom after bedtime: pictures of mom, electric bills, the television, pets, laundry baskets, stray socks and children!

4. Use romantic lighting

Consider installing a dimmer for your overhead lights in your bedroom so that you have better control over the mood you wish to create. Small light sources add intimate shadows and enhance the feeling of love and romance in the bedroom. Fresh-scented candles are also great for setting a romantic mood. When using bedside lamps, change out light bulbs with low-wattage or colored bulbs (rose or amber colors work well) to offer dim and romantic lighting. You might also try a lampshade or paper lantern that’s decorated to cast lovely shapes and shadows around the room.

5. Accessorize for the senses

The human senses can greatly affect our emotions and actions. Add romance to the bedroom by incorporating elements in the area that appeal to and heighten all of the senses. The previous tips will meet some of those needs. For instance, the bedding enhances our sense of touch, and candles please the senses of sight and smell. Also add in a natural element like a few plants or flowers. Turn on some soft-playing music or other relaxing sounds as soon as you go into the bedroom for the night to set the mood.

Think of what pleases your senses about upscale vacation resorts or get-away retreats. What is it about those places that makes couples feel relaxed and romantic – and which elements suit you best?

Choose furnishings and specific accessories that incorporate those elements into your bedroom environment. You might not be able to change the view from your window, but with a little effort, you can create the same indoor environment to spark the romantic nature of those places.

6. Get him involved

At least some collaboration from your partner will not only helps you get the most from selecting and shopping for your bedroom home furnishings, but also ensures you arrive at the best results for both of you. When you’re both involved in choosing things that makes you happy, the result will be much more rewarding and satisfying. Men and women traditionally don’t look for the same things in furniture – men seek comfort and function when it comes to fur