Furniture Terms F

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fauteuil: upholstered arm chair with open sides.

faux bois: French term for simulated wood.

Federal style: Historically 1780-1820. Style that emerged in the US after the revolutionary war that was similar to Sheraton, Hipplewhite and Adams with simplified forms. Classicism had an influence as the young country considered itself the rightful heir to the republic of ancient Rome. Scantly used decorative motifs include acanthus leaves, pineapples, scrolls and pilasters.

feng shui: Chinese philosophy of design which seeks to balance the yin and yang energies in a space through the arrangement of objects.

fiddle back: a chair with a fiddle-shaped back splat.

finial: a terminating ornament, such a the top of a post, that is carved or turned on a lathe.

finish: protective coating applied to wood furniture; may also refer to the combination of the protective coating and the color effect applied to wood or metal.

Finishing: Steps taken after the dying treatment such as rolling, pigmented spraying, lacquering, antiquing, waxing, buffing, glazing, waterproofing and flame-proofing in order to provide more abrasion and stain resistance and/or a more even surface coloration.

firm (mattress): a mattress with a firm feel and strong support with a small amount comfort padding.

flip top table: table is distinguished by a table top that can be doubled over on itself. As it is unfolded it is either rotated or shifted on the table base for support.

footboard: vertical panel or structure situated at the foot of a bed frame.

Foulard: A light weight twill fabric of cotton and/or silk fibers; small scale designs may be printed on the fabric

four-way matching: combined use of book matching and end matching veneers to create a larger pattern.

French dovetail: wood furniture constriction technique consisting of one long grove that fits with an interlocking wedge.

French provincial: style characteristic of 17th and 18th century France. May also be referred to as European country.

fret work: decorative trim on wood furniture that is characterized by carved interlaced or pierced designs in the wood.

fruitwood: generic term for wood from trees such as cherry and apple.

full grain leather: leather that has not been altered beyond hair removal.

futon: a Japanese mattress of cotton batting, used either on the floor or on a folding frame.