Furniture Terms E

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Eames: Charles and Ray Eames were a mid-20th Century husband and wife design team who together created many innovative designs for home furnishings in plywood and other materials. They are best known for their chair designs which are considered mid-century modern in style.

ebonized: wood that is stained black to resemble ebony.

egg and dart molding: a relief motif of ovals and the curved negative space they create when lined in a row.

eight-way hand-tied: construction technique used in upholstery in which individual seat springs are tied to the frame with twine running vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Elizabethan: historically, 1558 to 1603. Style that emerged during the reign of Elizabeth I in England. Characterized by large scale, sever forms, and heavy carvings.

Embossing: A process of altering the natural grain of the leather by using etching, engraving or electortyped plates or rollers creating a very unifor grain pattern. Embossing may be done to disguise defects or to create exciting designs.

Empire style: historically, 1804 to 1815. Neoclassical style dictated by the French Emperor Napoleon. Based on imperial forms from Greece, Rome, and Egypt it was designed to draw parallels between Napoleon’s realm and the great ancient empires. Furniture was consciously majestic, made of rich woods and metals, and decorated with emblems, including bees, crowns, laurel leaves, mythological figures, and the letter N.

enclosed coil mattress: mattress with wire springs that are individually wrapped in fabric and sewn to adjoining coils. This means that when you roll over there is very little transfer of movement or bouncing.

end matching: the process of placing veneers end-to-end to create a continuous pattern.

engineered wood: any variety of wood product that is made of wood fibers, strands or veneers adhered together with a bonding agent (glue). Particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and wood laminates are all engineered wood products.

English dovetail: wood furniture constriction technique consisting of a series of stacked, tapered, interlocking wedges.

English Regency: Historically 1793-1830. Growing out of the late Georgian period, English Regency style reflected the influences of Chinese and Egyptian design. The style emphasized simplicity and functionality in its lines with ornamentation relative to the more ornate styles of previous eras.

entertainment armoire: an armoire fitted to house a TV, other electronic and related entertainment media.

entertainment wall: a TV and media storage system that creates the visual effect of built-in cabinetry with different combinations of storage components.

escutcheon: decorative plate, commonly made of brass, surrounding a keyhole on case goods.

etagere: tall shelves that are open on the sides and back.

Euro top: a variety of pillow top mattress with a box cushion construction.