Amish Furniture







Amish furniture is manufactured by the Amish, primarily of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.  It is generally known as being made of 100% wood and usually without particle board or laminate.  Amish furniture is made with a variety of quality hardwoods including northern red oak, quarter-sawn white oak, cherry & maple.  Because Amish beliefs prevent the use of electricity, many woodworking tools in Amish shops are powered by hydraulic and pneumatic power that is run on diesel compressors.  Amish furniture making is often a skill passed through many generations.  Many families become known for their specific design details and niches.


Great attention is paid to the details of the wood in the furniture-making process.  Each piece of wood is hand selected to match the specific furniture in mind.  Attention is paid to the grain of the wood, both in gluing pieces together and in achieving the desired look of the finished piece.  Amish furniture is also valued for its sustainability and is considered a green product.  The Amish woodworkers price themselves in their work and view their products as both pieces of art and furnishings to be used and lived in for generations.


Engles Furniture has built strong relationships with two Amish furniture companies – Country Classics Furniture from Lancaster Pennsylvania & Borkholder Furniture from Nappanee Indiana.  Country Classics Furniture & Borkholder Furniture offer a large selection of wood finish options, in addition to various wood species & hardware options.



They are able to customize sizes on any piece to make it longer, higher or wider…you can even add drawers and doors to get exactly what you want.